Your Staffing Choice

Infinity MedStaff is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for your staffing needs. Whether short term, long term, or permanent placement... we have you covered.

How do we accomplish this? By working together. Our recruiters utilize the best resources available today to locate the most talented healthcare professionals in the country on your behalf.

Here's how.

Infinity MedStaff provides the additional support needed for peak seasons, staff leaves of absence, labor shortages, and in the meantime our direct-hire recruiters work to identify permanent solutions.

Advantages of Contract Staffing:

  • Flexibility - Align workforce numbers with patient load
  • "Try It Before You Buy It" - Temp-to-perm option helps ensure the right long-term fit when needed
  • Time Savings - Paperwork, recruitment, on-boarding screens and steps
  • Cost Savings - Payroll process and benefits administration, unemployment and turnover expenses
  • Risk Alleviation - Employees are covered on our Professional Liability and Worker's Compensation plans

Infinity MedStaff recruits candidates to fill vacancies with permanent staff, who are in your area or are specifically interested in relocating. From new graduates to director level candidates, we excel at finding placements who will have the skills and career goals that align with yours.

Advantages of Permanent Placement:

  • Expertise - Fully-vetted selection of qualified candidates to review
  • Continuity of Care - No lapse in services offered
  • Loyalty - You'll gain a permanent staff member who is excited about job security
  • Consistency - You will be able to permanently delegate tasks, freeing up time. Also the need to constantly re-train will be alleviated.